Established in 1995

Buddy H Design is a brand born from over 35 years of late nights in design studios and spray booths toiling, practicing, envisioning, and creating with a common thread of originality throughout the years. Whether spraying an object I have done a hundred times, or a one-off completely custom creation, Buddy H. Design is always original.

I started out like many painters, scrappy and looking for work wherever I could find it. Along the way I had the privilege of working for icons and professionals who helped me perfect the craft with my own personal signature. I have earned multiple certifications from some of the most notable names in the business; from PPG Dupont refinishing to Spies Hecker and Sherwin Williams automotive finishes, I have taken on projects most artists never get to experience in their entire professional career. Additionally, I have all my ICAR certification and teaching credentials (Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair).

My professional career as an independent painter largely began in the automotive racing realm with significant influences from tuner, lowrider, hot-rod and anything that moved fast – on and off roads including watercraft. But adrenaline vehicles were just the beginning and soon I was painting projects I never imagined I would explore. What had started as a love for all things vintage led me to explore several different genres of artistic interpretation, color-study, and design. Soon I was painting and designing furniture, restaurants and brick and mortar projects.  

Lately my creative eye has evolved into a passion for something very personal to my own childhood – bicycles. For several years now I have been refinishing and designing bicycles from vintage Schwinn cruisers and lowriders to mountain bikes to ultra-high-end road racing bikes. This recent genesis has been like meeting the long-lost love of my life.Buddy H Designs now paints for major bike manufacturers and independent owners alike. Whether a one-off show-project or a multi-unit rollout of several production SKU’s, I am delighted to see all my years of work come to fruition in this very satisfying genre of painting.

Having the credentials and knowledge to facilitate large projects allows me to satisfy the nuanced needs of individual clientele as well as tight timelines and consistent project quality large corporations demand – resulting in a legitimate win-win for my clients and business partners no matter the project scope.

A large part of the satisfaction I now get in my work comes from being able to see the results of our efforts more quickly as opposed to the far longer lead times of projects I started my career working on. No matter how detailed, this new art form has a far shorter lead and completion time so the instant gratification of seeing this rolling art come to life is very satisfying. It is exciting for me to see my customers dreams become a reality and to give them a unique gift of rolling art they can be proud of.

Nowadays the creative process for me is not necessarily the largest driving factor, which may sound odd given the medium with which I work. For me and the Buddy H Design team a connection with our clients has become the principal driver for everything we do. People’s expression of who they are and elements which shape their life and drive their passions is what makes turning their vision into a reality even more satisfying and inspiring to the processes we use.

With all these years of experience under my belt, we convert visions into a rolling reality reflecting the unique identity of each person and piece we touch. Indeed “custom” is inherently not cheap and projects with Buddy H Design really are an investment in something bigger than a simple image. What we create for our clients is special and something which adds value to both the object and the sense of ownership. We would love the opportunity to collaborate with you and begin the process of creating something very special.

Many thanks for stopping by.

Buddy H.